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I was born in The Netherlands in 1980. As a child, drawing and crafting were my favorite pastime. I studied CMV, (roughly translated: Cultural and Social Creation) Major: Arts and Culture. This education combined all the creative fields with marketing and communication.

I started my career in marketing and I've got a lot of experience in marketing communication. In my spare time I was still drawing and my former employer 999 Games b.v. (the publisher of the Dutch Settlers of Catan boardgame) noticed my skills as a designer. I made the switch from marketing project manager to graphic designer at the same company, designing all the marketing- and corporate materials. After a couple of years I became the art director at the same company and I was responsible for designing the new corporate identity. Since the beginning of 2013 I'm a full-time freelance designer and illustrator.

My illustration work is often handmade and very detailed. I like to combine contemporary styles with a vintage feel and use different materials like wood to paint on. I like sweet and elegant illustrations with a darker twist to give them an edge.

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